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For you who are independent.

For you who love to dress with elegance and sophistication.

For you who do not give too much weight to other people’ opinions.

For you who choose with heart and rationality.

For you who are in control of your life.


The brand’s mission is to bring about change in beliefs and habits when it comes to wedding dresses. It is for those who want to go beyond the “that’s the way it’s always been done” and be able to choose what to buy, where to buy, and how much to pay.

Miamastore® was born in December 2011 from an idea of founder Mauro Senatore with the aim of providing future brides with a top-notch tailoring service at an affordable price. With the launch of its ecommerce, translated into four languages, the company reached customers in Italy and around the world. As of today, Miamastore® stands out in the Italian wedding scene as one of the most awarded companies in the wedding and formal wear sector.


Miamastore®has been producing top-quality tailoring since 2011 at an affordable price for brides who do not want to invest a lot of money in their wedding dress.

Our tailoring centre produces its collections from the sketch to the final tailoring. This way, we can reduce costs and give our brides total freedom in customising their models.

The quality and manufacture of the garments offered online is identical to those offered in the store.


Buying something as special and unique as a wedding dress online has always raised concerns, even for those who are regular online shoppers.

“Will it be as I want it? What if it doesn’t fit? Am I buying from a reputable company?”

To end scepticism, in 2014 we decided to open the first physical atelier in Salerno. The MiamaStore atelier in Salerno presents exclusive collections at super affordable prices every year. In 2016, the opening of the second shop brought to our customers formal dresses, first communion dresses, groom suits and all matching accessories.

atelier miamastore


Mauro miamastore


Founder but, above all, visionary guide and reference point for the staff, he embodies and transmits the company values of listening, sharing and respect. He collaborates on a daily basis to develop customer and staff satisfaction.

Emiri miamastore


Japanese by birth and happily Italian by adoption, she speaks four languages. She collaborates with the team by instilling attention for others and a love for things well done. She is responsible for foreign relations and Miamastore Japan.

Giovanna miamastore


With her sweet but resolute temperament, she accompanies the clients from the first to the last appointment in the atelier. She makes all her sartorial and relational experience available to the team. She is the head of the bridal assistants.

Denise miamastore


Needle, thread and creativity, she is the right person to ask for any kind of personalisation, from wedding dresses to children’s accessories. She is a serial giver of smiles. She is responsible for the store’s in-house tailoring department.

Cristina miamastore


There are no filters between her and the clients: she is the first person you meet when contacting Miamastore and she will guide you through the process of discovering what you need. She advises brides online and coordinates external communication.

Teresa miamastore


If you want to know everything about wedding trends, you have to talk to her: she listens to, intercepts clients’ requests, and translates them into new fashionable combinations. She advises online clients and is responsible for the ceremony department.

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