One Shoulder: strap across one shoulder only

Square: has a straight horizontal bodice that meets with straps in a 90degree angle

V-neck:  dips down in a V-shape

Sheer: semi sheer net or lace

High Neck: features high neck/t-shirt neckline

Bateau: (boat neck): follows the curve of the collarbone to the very tipof  shoulders

Strapless slight curve: neckline curves slightly up or down with nostraps

Scoop: U shaped neckline with varying depth

Sweetheartneckline is shaped like the top half of a heart

Off the Shoulder: sits below the shoulders and highlights the collarbone and shoulders

Halter: has straps that wrap around the back of the neck

Queen Ann: high rising collar at the back of neckline that sculpts lowacross the chest

Strapless straight across: straight across neckline with no curvesand no straps

Strapless sweetheart: neckline is shaped like the top half of a heart

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